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SUMMER '05!!

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Thursday, July 14th, 2005
2:17 pm - let the tournaments begin!!
the national tournaments are starting. tonight is sarah and ashley are playing. its gonna b madd fun. brooke & i are going & we r gonna wear our uniform, have signs, and brooke is gonna have her horn.

next weekend our tournament begins. im so excited. im not sure if i can play though. the doctor says its all up to me but im not sure if im ready yet. on tuesday i tried hitting and everything was fun. of course i batted in flip flop not knowing i was gonna play. and he had me on first base.

driving is going pretty well. i like driving by myself. freedom. i drove to practice by myself. then wen practice was over brooke, linda & i went to go mini golfing and i drove linda home. then last night i went up to national and chilled wit sarah and ashley. i took sarah to cherry's then we went back and watched the 12U tournament team.

im done. peace

current mood: giggly

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Monday, July 11th, 2005
10:50 am - H O L L A

current mood: crazy

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Thursday, July 7th, 2005
11:05 am - my summer just went down the drain
well my 4th of July went pretty well, well kind of. i went over to brooke's house along with linds & we chilled. her dad bbqed & all that good stuff. we played with ben. the best kid ever. brooke had to water some lady's plants so pam drove us over & we kept passing & beeping at this one kid & then he ended up throwing a stick at pam's car.

after the watering plants adventure we were chilling outside & linds & i decide to go check out brooke's future car. all i hear is linds saying "what the hell is this" and then she starts running. wen i turned around all these bees came out of the car. and of course one ended up stingying her eye. but thats only part one.

we went to the west fireworks. that was fun. they were better than other years in the past. butttt when we pulled in the driveway at brooke's house i slipped off the ledge & fell right on my ankle. everything cracked. mr. dougherty ensured me that it was broken. brooke called my parents & they came over.

with my luck of course we had to go to the emergancy room. what an adventure. there was bout 3 or 4 other people there when i went in & of course this whacko lady comes in making a big scene saying something flew in her ear. goddamn lady it was probably a nat or something. the funny part was that her husband thought she was crazy & was rolling his eyes. well when i finally got called they asked me all these questions & then i went to get x-rays. LUCKILY the x-rays came out negative. but i cud be out of playing softball & driving from 10 days to 6 weeks.

this means no driving test that i take on monday & no softball tournament which practice is already starting for. it kinds sucks. but good this is that i can walk on my tippy toes now without the crotches. & my dad has been making my practice shifting from acceleration to brake on our thing for the ps2. its becoming easier day by day. im not rescheduling the test.

im done. peace

current mood: frustrated

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Saturday, July 2nd, 2005
10:05 am - it sucks to be home
vacation was awesomeee!!! this is how it went down...

sunday-tuesday: COOPERSTOWN, NY
sunday in cooperstown we just walked around in their town. their town was exactly like haddonfield except the strip it all baseball stores so of course i was in heaven. monday we went to the baseball hall of fame. i cant say that it was amazing & everyone needs to go but some of it was pretty neat. they added the women's baseball in there & that was a joke. there was nothing on it practically. one of the things i liked was that there was a room of all time records and the top 10 who are about to beat it now. so that was pretty cool. after we went to the baseball hall of fame we went to look at more of the stores since now i had my wallet. i ended up buying a lot lol. i bought..
-a phillies wallet
-2005 phillies deck of cards for the rooom
-a personalized bat
-a shirt that says "CHOKE the official soft drink of the NY Yankees
-a house key that has the phillies P all over it
-a keychain
-one of them things for your car that looks like a ball went through & it has phillies on it
and thats pretty much it. then after shopping we went to their wax musuem. it was pretty cool. neat stuff. tuesday we left and worked our way up north.

tuesday-thursday: NIAGRA FALLS, CANADA
tuesday when we got into canada we just chilled around. we were in a 5 star hotel so basically there was plenty to do. the hotel was awesome. they had room service, and the most comfortable beds in the whole world, the falls was right near us, and a whole lot more. wednesday is when we began touring. we took the bus all day which was pretty cool. easy for my dad. we went on the maid of the mist. for those who dont know what that is, its a boat that goes pretty close to the falls. it was so awesome. ya got soaked, therefore they gave ya ponchos. after the maid of the mist we went to clifton hill. now clifton hill is like a boardwalk. its this whole strip of the hulk, spiderman, wax museums, rides, etc. it was neat. so we went to their wax musuem. it was a lot better than the one in cooperstown. they had, tom hanks, jim carey, eddie murphy, the simpsons, alien, predator, star wars, etc. it was pretty cool. then after the wax musuem we went back to the hotel where me & my dad watched spaceballs & my mom & grandma went to some glass place. that night my mom dad & i went down to the falls where you were actually close so we could get pictures & see the lighting. that was awesome. thursday we left early. i hated leaving. i liked it there.

thursday-friday: CORNING, NY
this was a waste of time. i wished we went to somewhere different. my mom & granny wanted to go there because of some glass museum. well shit it was so boring i called brooke in there lol. it was horrible. but after the musuem on friday we left.

and now i am home & i wish i could go back to niagara because that was aweomse there. the hotel and view was amazing. i miss it.

today i am going to my aunts 4th of july bbq. it starts at 4 but we r going over round 12 to help set up & all. its gonna b fun, she is having volleyball, batmitten, potato sack racing, a contest for who wears the most red white & blue, and wiffle ball. its gonne be fun. brooke & linds r joining me today so its gonna b madd funn. then we are going to go to the maple shade fireworks. so peaceeee

current mood: sad

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Saturday, June 25th, 2005
1:30 pm
WE ARE LEAVING TOMORROW!!! so excited to get out of this town.
cya bitches in a week.

current mood: anxious

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Thursday, June 23rd, 2005
11:31 pm - i still have more to get off my chest
a couple of weeks ago before school ended i lost a best friend. someone who was always there for me and also someone i had a really fun and wild time with. i cant say that i really know what happened due to the fact that im not really sure. its not like we just said we aint friends anymore. we just stopped talking, she took her stuff out of my locker and that was the end of that.

i have to admit as much as a cold and heartless person i can be, i really hate us not talking. and its not that i cant come up with enough balls to call her up and talk bout it but by her taking her stuff out of my locker it was kind of a sign of well i dont need u. for some reason why i have this feeling inside me that says dont bother becuz she probably doesnt want to have anything to do with u.

i really want me and her to be friends again. but i cant say that i like the people she hangs out with now due to screw overs and what not. but that doesnt really matter but who knows, she may not wanna hang out wit me if we r not with them. who knows at this point. i dont really know what to do anymore. i really want us to be friends again.

current mood: confused

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9:37 pm - 3 more days!!
yess!! 3 more days till vacation!! time to get let it begin!! cool thing is when im in niagra falls one of my old friends from camp is gonna b there too & he insisted on me & him hanging out. so that wud b pretty cool. i excited

my mom dad & i have really been car looking. we have narrowed down to 3 cars that we r deff. going to look at(the hyundai accent, mistubishi lancer, or the kia rio). mom says we r deff. gonna start going out to dealers & seeing what they got to offer once we come back from vacation. exciting aint it.

im done. peace

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Friday, June 17th, 2005
6:40 pm - SUMMER '05 BABY!!!
damn its been awhile since i wrote in this. wowww. just been chillen. summer officially started today!! HOLLAAAA!! so freakin excited. senior next year-scary. but its all good.

hmmm so lets recap whats been happening---

-- we finished out west season wit a 12-5 record. did pretty awesome. walked away with only 5 strikeouts this year. amazing.
-- today is the last night for national. so sad. i actually like the girls now haha. if we beat this one team tonight we will end up in 2nd place. so hopefully that will happen. they r having a tournament for our ages & linda, brooke & i are hopefully going to play in it. it started july 25th. pretty cool i guess.

that is bout it. nothing exciting has been happening much. final week was pretty cool. i got to chill wit kristen, linda & nicole. it was awesome chillen wit them especially nicole since we havent talked in a looong ass time. one of the days we went to tony soprano's then back to john phillips house which was pretty awesome. we ended up watching a cinderella story. pretty good. then the other day kristen, nicole & i went to johnny's then i went shopping with kristen. pretty hott.

thats it. peaceee nucca

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Monday, April 25th, 2005
10:14 am - i guess i shall update
nothing exciting has happened except the fact i got free tickets to saturday's phillies game against the marlins. pretty hott. good seats too.

softball is fine. had a game friday against east. we beat them 10-2. i got a double & a triple. holla. ive only struck out once this season so far. im on a roll.

school is fine. u kno same old bullshit everyday. did the whole graduation picture thing. glad thats over with.

well im outt gotta make braclets for mom's business
peace & chicken grease

current mood: artistic

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Friday, April 1st, 2005
6:19 pm - april fools hahahaha no
today was okay. went to practice. it was fine. we only ran around the field, no agilities, & we scrimaged. not a bad day. then i came home watched the price is right then slept till 1 & watched the cosby show. then me & my dad went to the grocery store.

tonite im probably just hanging out. my dad & i rented movies. my mom told me i cud drive her to my aunt kathy's to drop off something then to wal-mart so she can get more of these things. then we have to go to toys r us to get my cousins birthday presents

well im out peace nig

current mood: silly

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Thursday, March 31st, 2005
6:28 pm - you aint no G
spring break is awesome! havent done a damn thing. i love it. yeah sad part is im dead serious. just having a break from school is hella awesome.

softball has been going good. we only had one scrimage though which really sucks. i hate the rain. monday is our first game. ALONG WITH THE PHILLIES!!! so excited.

my lil cousin alyssa made me an easter egg today in school. its adorable.

tomorrow i got practice in the morning. then ill probably just chill. then saturday i have my cousins birthday. & finally on sunday my mom & aunt kathy r doing another show & i will probably go with them.

3 more days of spring break. im going to cry. just playin

im out

current mood: content

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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
3:10 pm - 11 days till season opener
wowww havent did this in awhile due to the fact ive been pretty busy & tired.

softball has started. they had cuts this year & i made it. thats pretty hott. we were supposed to have a game today but since its raining like hell it was cancelled. we had a scrimage the other week & we won 28-2. i hit pretty well so thats was awesome.

school has been fine. u know the usual. did my scheduling today.

overall life is good. dyed my hair so now im really hot. dyed it to a light brown. woohoo no more blondee.

going to take a nap now

current mood: rain rain go away

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Friday, March 4th, 2005
6:24 pm - let the season begin
softball started today. it was awesome. akward thing was that we didnt run at all. that was really weird but hey im not complaining. he put us into groups for hitting & all which was extremely fun considering he put me in a group wit all my girls. it was fun.

today me & kel went into school at 10. that was sweet heaven. best sleep i have ever had in my life. i loved it.

tonight i am watching my cousins ryan & dylan due to the fact our families have to go a funeral viewing. then tomorrow morning i have practice from 8:45-12 which is cool. we r going in the fitness center ME & LINDA R GONNA RACE ON THE BIKES!!! after practice i will head over to my kenny's new house & help them move. then sunday i have tryouts for national softball. & of course in between all that i have to take pictures for photo & study for this big 2 chapter history test. busy weekend.

im out. holla at yo girl bitches

current mood: energetic

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Monday, February 28th, 2005
5:17 pm - g-unt . shady aftermath . im tha motha fuckin game
33 more days till the phillies opener!!! HOLLAAA

hmmm nothing has been happening lately. just chilling. waiting for softball to start on friday. & dreading the HSPA's. i dont wanna take them things but i have no choice.

i got new glasses this weekend yet i dont get them in another 1-2 weeks. i got one regular & then sunglasses. it was so awesome when she pulled out the shades for the sunglasses. man i cud have got any color. but since i need them for driving i just got black. so its cool but they r hottt. but my long distance vision has been getting worse but my short distance is a lot better so thats pretty cool i guess.

we got out of school at 1 today. that was hott. didnt have to go to health or chem. cherry hill has been cool bout this whole snow deal this year.

i really want summer to come. we r going to the baseball hall of fame and then to niagra falls the week after school. so thats pretty cool. i believe in july we r going down to my grandparents house in virgina to chill & visit with them. then of course in august we r going to ocean city maryland!!! i love it there. of course the fact that ima b able to drive down there is amazing cuz the bus is too long. but yeah i cant wait. plus ill finally be home for 4th of july. i HATED not being home last year. it suckedddd.

im out. holla at yo girl. peaceee

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Saturday, February 19th, 2005
4:59 pm - softball in 2 weeks!!
i think im getting pink eye again. it really sucks. and i dont know how i can treat it. all i know is my eye is killing me and is red.

cant wait till softball. im ready to play. and also ready to make fun of the people who r gonna TRY and come out to play.

3 day weekend. could have been 4 but we had that snow day. but hey im not complaining. spirit week is next week. thuesday i think is pajama day and a pep rally. woohoo. not. actually i dont really mind them cuz i want the big party. but our class is so lazy and we just boo people.

my mom is gonna start a little business with her sewing stuff & all wit my aunt. im kind of part of it since i want some money. so thats kinda cool i guess?

well right now im going out wit my mom so she can give my dad & i an idea of what she wants for her birthday since it is coming up. then we r going to practice parallel parking. i dont know why but w/e

holla at yo girl. peace

current mood: crappy

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Monday, February 14th, 2005
7:27 pm - GOT MY MP3 PLAYERR!!!
wooohooo i got my mp3 player!! also in the box it came it the lady we bought it off of gave us a second one (for free). i dont think she knew but she gave us another one. and since im such a nice cousin ima give the other one to kenny.

went out to dinner with my rents today. got back round 6:30. it was pretty cool. olive garden is the shizz.

im done. -lynn

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Sunday, February 13th, 2005
6:31 pm - i dont wana go to school tomorrow
my weekend was okay. friday i went out shopping with my mom. that was kinda cool i guess. saturday i went out wit my mom again & just lounged round in the house & played the sims2. today i had ken's birthday party at my house. really sucked. my 2 cousins alyssa & dylan kept fighting & it was really annoying.

joe is my "valentine" woopie. we aint doin nothin tomorrow & he aint givin me shit cuz we both agreed it was a dumb ass holiday. but my rents & i are goin out to dinner at olive garden so thats kinda cool i guess.

nothing exciting has been goin on. just chillen & shizz. waiting for softball to come. i cant wate till it all starts. 21 days man!! its gonna b hott.

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Monday, February 7th, 2005
3:05 pm - this sucksss
so eagles lost the superbowl. it sucks but i guess that is what happens when u are a philadelphia sports fan.

yeah i stayed home from school today. i was extremely tired & did not feel like moving. besides i was not in the mood to hear all the shit from the people who cant stand the eagles. shit on their ass.

yesterday my mom won a brand new MP3 player on ebay for me. we have a choice between blue black & red .. i think ima go for the black one. we got it for 32 & shipping for 20. not a bad price considering the 1 we go costs 142$ in the store.

i got nothing else really to say. softball for west & national start in less than a month. im excited.

im done --lynn--

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Monday, January 24th, 2005
7:22 pm - EAGLES!!!
damn was that a sweet game yesterday or what. holy shit it was amazing. i never thought this day wud come. mann do them boys deserve so much. now we just need the lil hottie T.O to get his sexy tight ass back out there. chad lewis is hurt & cant play in the superbowl now. that really sucks. but he did his part and got us there. he is awesome.

we had off of school today. really weird. cherry hill never gets off. THEN check this we have a 2 hr delay tomrrow. this is freakin amazing.

so im bidding on an mp3 players on ebay. they only got for 99 cents but the lady wants 20 dollars for shipping. well i only have 10.22 to bid on. yeah how sad. but right now im winning. there is 12 min left and its almost crunch time. if someone bids over me i might die. but the lady has 5 pages on them so im not too worried.

im done. gotta watch the mp3 players.

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Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
8:06 pm - now i aint never tell u to put down yo hands
my update on my life will begin in 3 .. 2 .. 1 ..
saturday i went out with my to wal-mart cuz she gets her fabric there. and we went to j and o fabrics. yeah so i drove there. lol ohhh mann i gave her a heart attack driving there. lol it was funny. but she got used to it. but its coo. so at night i had to babysitt my little cousin alyssa. umm wow she is really impatient and i had to play with her every second. and if i didnt she wud yell at me. but yeah we played on nickjr.com, this game called rumble in the jungle [awesome game], colored, and watched tv. it was pretty fun i guess. im just not used to all the entertaining that i have to do.
sunday i went to a baby shower. no idea who the lady was but she is my cousin Brian's wife so its cool. hes cool as hell. we were talkin bout the phillies. well my aunt marie [she aint really my aunt but w/e] asked me to right down everything that wendy [the wife] what she got and who it was fun. yeah wat a total blast ..not. she opened everything sooooo slow i thought i was going to die. but it was cool. i met some people i havent seen in awhile.
monday was pretty fun. well not really. my mom stayed home cuz her back hurt and knee hurt. yeahh im sure. i couldnt just sit and watch tv. i had to clean the bathroom and vaccum. wtf. pissed me off but w/e atleast she let me watch the price is right.

being back to school is kind of well stupid like usual. my spanish teacher is really pissing me off. so i got my mom to email him. he claims im getting a 69%. yeah wtf. how can i be getting an A in chem and alg2. it doesnt make sense. lol its kinda sad how i hafta get my mom to email it but he wont listen. jackass. tomorrow kelly wont be driving me to school tomorrow becuz she is going on the ski trip with the school. my mom is gonna take me and i got her to stop at dunkin donuts before we go. hollaa. it mite be a mistake considering thier lattes make me go really nuts. like im not nuts in the morning to begin with.

sunday im going to my aunt barbie's house for the eagles game. pretty cool i guess. im debating whether to go though considering my uncle and cousin are freakin crazyyyy. but oh well. maybe ill jump around with them .. not.

time to watch american idol. comment i need entertainment in my life

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